How to stop dieting and start living. 

I’m trying to embrace an intuitive eating attitude, but I also just really want to lose weight?

Wanting to lose weight is a valid experience for every woman. It is a very deep belief and something we have learnt from our mothers, friends, family & doctors. It is something we have been taught to want for ourselves over many years. It is not something that will go away easily. You don’t just get up one day and fix it, like turning off a tap. It will take time to be more accepting of yourself as you are and to stop wanting to try to be thin. So at the moment you are feeling ambivalent. You are really sick of dieting, but you are still wanting to lose weight. I get totally get that. When I feel like this, the first step is to re- examine your own dieting history, have diets serve you in the past? Have they made you happy ? Have they worked for you, or have they just stressed you out and made you feel deprived? The next step is that I look again at how the diet industry has influenced my beliefs over many years. This industry is constantly selling us hopes and dreams and makes us think diets are successful. In reality all the scientific studies show that 90% of diets fail long term. The diet industry know this, but they just don’t tell you that. And you probably have first hand personal experience of that very fact. Short term diets  have not led to any long term weight loss. They have just caused a lifetime of yo-yo dieting and weight gain.
You may decide after all this, you still want to diet. And that’s ok. You have every right to make that decision and it is valid for you. I am not here to judge you.
But if you do decide to want something different in your life because you are just fed up of diets, then please know there is an alternative. Intuitive Eating. You have to learn this, either by coaching yourself with books and literature, or hiring a coach, like a non-diet dietitian. It also helps to get involved with a support group of similar like minded people. Intuitive eating is not a diet where you go away and live by a meal plan and a set of food rules. You will be learning a new skill and this takes time. You will have doubts and relapses on the way. That’s normal and that’s why you need support.
Intuitive Eating will help you develop trust in yourself and your body, help you effortlessly eat food without and stress or anxiety. It will encourage you to engage in self-care and joyful movement. You will start to feel a lot better about yourself, feel less anxious overall and have more energy. For some people the improvement in the relationship with self filters out to positively impact relationships with family and friends. It is amazing what health behaviours we are able to engage in when we are not just focusing on the number on the bathroom scales.
So if you are thinking about Intuitive Eating, all you need is to be curious, brave and patient with yourself. There is an alternative to dieting for the rest of your life, and if you want to change the way you live that life, then now is the time to try something new.

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