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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)2019-07-09T07:34:45+00:00
Is this just another diet?2019-07-09T07:12:59+00:00

Absolutely not!!! I  don’t tell you what to and not to eat in. We teach you basic nutrition principles and how to trust in your bodies signals to determine what and how much you should eat. Intuitive Eating is the complete opposite of a diet.

I have tried so many diets before and nothing ever works for me. How do I know this will work for me?2019-07-09T07:14:02+00:00

The coaching program is not a diet and the goal is not weight loss. The goal is to help you normalise your eating once again, stop emotional eating, stop binge eating, and stop general overeating at meals. Become aware of your body signals and learn to trust your bodies signals to tell you what and when to eat. The course will provide some general nutrition principles but ultimately the goal is for you to become the expert in nutrition that works for your body.

What if I sign up and realise that the coaching isn’t working for me?2019-07-09T07:15:49+00:00

If you sign up and find that the coaching isn’t for you you can cancel at anytime. It usually takes four to six sessions to work out if Intuitive Eating is for you or not

How long will the Coaching Program take?2019-07-09T07:21:14+00:00

Unlearning dieting is a process and takes time . Intuitive Eating is not like a diet where you can follow a meal plan or a set of food rules for a short period. It is a whole new way of thinking about food, your body and weight and this can take some time to unlearn all of that old conditioning.  It usually takes about six months for someone to really start become an Intuitive Eater. Every Counselling session is supported with video content and homework. The homework tasks  are important because it is you who has to explore your relationship with food and practice new was of thinking about food and eating food. This can take time, but all of the homework can easily be incorporated into your everyday life.

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