How to stop dieting and start living. 

Everything would be better if I could just lose weight?

//Everything would be better if I could just lose weight?

Everything would be better if I could just lose weight?

If only I could lose weight,! I’d just feel a whole lot better about myself and about my body, I’d feel sexy. How many times have I had this thought? How many times have I turned to the latest diet in the hope that I can lose weight, change my body shape and love myself again? In the past, diets have helped me lose weight, made me feel great. People notice me when I lose weight. I get lots of positive comments like, “you look really great”, “you have lost so much weight, well done you!” My self-esteem skyrockets and I feel truly fabulous. I love myself.

But then the inevitable happens, life gets busy! I start to get sick of the restrictions, the early morning boot camps. I want to lose weight, but I feel like I’m drowning. My motivation and will- power is waning; I’m losing control…… I fall off the ‘diet-wagon’ and the kilos start to pile back on. I just lack the willpower to lose weight and keep it off. I hate myself and my body. Oh god, I am a failure

Does this sound like you? Do you spend a lot of your time on a diet, trying to lose weight and keep it off? Is your self-esteem tied to the bathroom scales? Then you are not alone. Many women feel bad about themselves because they cannot achieve “thinness”.  Many women experience body shame and feel that they are just not good enough, just not thin enough.

We are led to believe that being thin is the root of all happiness. We are surrounded by thinness and by media images and voices constantly telling us we need to lose weight. But to diet and lose weight is not the answer. It is counterproductive and not only does dieting makes us gain weight over time, but will also hammers our self-esteem and how we feel about ourselves. It is certainly not the road to happiness. Indeed it can lead to an unhealthy preoccupation with weight, body shape and leave us constantly feeling discontented with our life.

So let’s start to look at ourselves in a different light. Take a look in the mirror and look at the good things you see about your body and your life. Let us shut out all the voices telling you, you are not good enough, you are not thin enough. You are who you are! Where you are right now in your life! You can learn to love yourself for who you are. You can nourish and honour your body without shame or guilt.

Could you imagine a life at peace with food and your body. Imagine stopping the years of endless dieting and trying to lose weight. Are you ready to learn another way, an alternative to dieting and to self-loathing?  Are ready to Toss the Scales and start a journey on the road to happiness, surrounded by love and compassion? If you are, join us in our weekly blogs on how to reject diet culture and be free of dieting forever.

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