How to stop dieting and start living. 

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Hi, I am Joanne and I founded Toss the Scales Nutrition Coaching. I am a accredited nutritionist and dietitian and an approved ACFED practitioner. 

I’ve been dieting for years and have been on pretty much every diet going. But there came a time when I got tired of dieting.  There is no perfect diet for long term weight-loss. I got fed up with the guilt, the misery, the missing out. I just couldn’t face another diet plan, but I didn’t know what to do instead.  It was then I discovered Intuitive Eating. It changed my life; I unlearned diet culture and I was able to finally let go of the struggle with my weight. I said GOOD-BYE to dieting forever. I got off the dieting bandwagon and stopped the all negative self-talk. 

Now I am passionate to help other women do the same. I offer personalised nutrition coaching in a non-judgemental way to help you discover Intuitive Eating. To explore your own health values and discover what is important to you when you feed yourself and your family. I support you to learn to trust your body again and evolve into your own personal nutrition expert. To get out of the diet–binge/overeating cycle, reduce your emotional eating and feel normal around food again. To start to live a life of food freedom.

I believe that there is more to life than dieting and restrictive eating practices.

  • More to life than counting calories, points or macros

  • More to life than a number on the scale or a dress size

  • More to life than restriction and feeling deprived all the time.

  • More to life than being obsessed about food and body weight

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