How to stop dieting and start living. 

4 steps to a better relationship with your body

//4 steps to a better relationship with your body

4 steps to a better relationship with your body

If you struggle to accept your body just the way it is, then you are not alone. Thousands of women everyday look at themselves in the mirror and lament “ if only my stomach was a bit flatter”, “if only I could lose 5 kgs or 10 kgs”. As women we feel insecure in our bodies and start to put our lives on hold. We think that a change in body weight or shape is the most important thing in our world. We start to imagine that life can only begin again when we reach that predefined weight goal. This can become an obsession; we start to skip meals, go on restricitve diets, exercise excessively, turn down social occasions, sometimes even quit jobs or split up with our partners, just so we can focus on losing weight.

The trouble is that society has put pressure on us as women to believe that happiness is only something that can be achieved by hitting a goal weight. So if you feel like this and you would like to start to develop a better relationship with your body, the first step is to start to live your life right now, here in the moment, TODAY. Say to yourself ‘I am here, I am beautiful, I am GOOD ENOUGH”.

Step number two is to declutter your social media. Nowadays our social media influences the way we feel about ourselves. Its serves as a constant reminder that we are simply not good enough. Thousands of social media sites define the perfect body shape and make us compare ourselves to this “thin “ ideal, leaving us feeling inadequate, dejected. We feel like failures, because for some reason, we just don’t cut it! These sites are designed to give us the message that our bodies are bad and need to be changed. But we don’t need to be more tone, or more sculpted or more thinner or whatever they are touting. So stop following sites like these that make us feel bad about ourselves. Stop using the “explore” button which just show us thousands of before and after shots, bikini models, skinny women touting the next best diet plan. Ditch all the sites that make you personally feel “ just not good enough”; Unfollow people who make you feel unworthy. You have the power over your feed; use it for creating an uplifting, happy empowering space. Some sites suggestions are; Toss the Scales, Hanna_Kuyper, bodyposipanda, trustyourbodyproject, beyondthebathroomscale.

Step number three is to embark on a diet detox. No, this is not a juicing detox regime for your body!  This is a major overhaul of your home and personal environment. A spring clean for your self-esteem. Go to your kitchen pantry and throw out any diet pills, diet foods, and low fat foods. Any foods that you associate with dieting. Toss out all your diet books and diet magazines.  Cancel all the apps on your phone that count calories in food or count calories burned by exercising. Anything relating to dieting, counting calories, monitoring exercise has to go.

Step number 4, this is the hard one ladies. How many hours over the years have we spent in the bathroom on our scales? Those  daily weigh ins hoping that the magic number will tell us what we want to see. The scales are our gateway to happiness and equally a constant reminder that we are worthless. We have become a nation of slaves to the scales. The number on the scales dictates our moods, our sense of self-worth…so they need to go. Step 4 is a very important step to take, to Toss the Scales, now and forever. It feels very scary to do this, I know. You will ask yourself,  “will I lose control?”, “will my weight spiral out of control?”. We need to know our weight, right?…. Don’t we? Well actually we don’t need to, we are just in the habit of knowing. The scales hold too much power over us, so we need to get rid of them. Body confidence is all about empowerment, so by getting rid of the scales we are taking back the power to be happy to ourselves. If you need to come down gradually, wean yourself off the scales slowly. If you are a daily “Weigher”, go to weighing yourself once a week, then once a month and then stop completely. Most people find it hard at first to get used to not weighting themselves, but over time it becomes a liberating experience.

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